The Guild

Our conference is sponsored by the LDStorymakers Author Guild. The guild consists of authors across all publishing platforms that are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (hence… Latter-day Storymakers) that have met a list of publishing benchmarks and are committed to the values of our faith. While the guild has certain requirements for membership, the conference they host is open to everyone who wants to attend. People of all faiths and in all stages of their writing career are encouraged to come to the conference.

The Conference

The annual Storymakers Conference is a writing conference that features classes from bestselling authors, literary agents, editors and publishers. With more than 800 attendees, the conference has grown from its humble roots, when 30 author friends gathered in a library in 2005. Now, hundreds of people in all stages of the publishing journey gather to share knowledge, hobnob and make friends, and improve their craft. The conference features high quality classes on all aspects of the craft; a first chapter contest; specialized workshops and intensive classes; one-on-one meetings with literary agents and editors and much more. You can read more about the history of the conference here.

The Storymakers Tribe Facebook Group

The Storymakers Tribe, formerly known as Authors Incognito, offers community-building fun for all writers, especially those involved with the Storymakers Conference or LDStorymakers guild. This group was formed for attendees of the conference who wanted to interact and network with each other throughout the year, not just on conference weekend. The Storymakers Tribe Group is a separately run organization and not an arm of the conference or Storymakers guild. Membership, interaction, and rules are all at the discretion of the Storymakers Tribe team. The vast majority of group interaction happens on their Facebook page.