Scholarship Applications

Storymakers Conference Scholarships

Recognizing that many aspiring writers do not have the financial means to attend the conference, the Board of Directors authorized the creation of Storymakers Conference Scholarships in April of 2012. We encourage our members to contribute to this scholarship fund so that we can assist as many struggling writers as possible.

More information on Scholarships, including instructions on how to nominate/apply can be found at the LDStorymakers Guild website. The deadline for nominations is January, 10, 2018.



Qualified Applicants

While this is a needs based scholarship, we do not ask applicants to submit detailed financial information. Rather, each applicant will self-certify that without financial assistance it would be difficult, if not impossible, for them to attend. Their self-certification will be taken and accepted at face value.

To demonstrate seriousness about a writing career, the applicant should also indicate why she/he wishes to attend the conference and what path they hope to take with their writing. This should be brief, but enough to demonstrate that the applicant will put the skills and tools they acquire at the conference to good purpose. The Scholarship Committee reserves the right to disqualify any application they judge as lacking merit.

A person may qualify for a scholarship just one time, unless unusual circumstances cause the committee to recommend a second scholarship. A second scholarship must be approved by the Board of Directors.

Scholarship applications for the 2018 Storymakers Conference are available NOW!


Nature of the Scholarships

Scholarships are available in the following forms:

  1. FRIDAY ONLY scholarship
  2. SATURDAY ONLY scholarship
  3. Full Enrollment: This scholarship pays the full fees for one qualified applicant to attend both days.

Scholarships cover the cost of registration only. They do not include travel expenses, lodging expenses, or any conference extras such as first chapter contests, intensive classes, or agent sessions.

Number of Scholarships Awarded

Since the scholarships are funded by voluntary contributions from members and sponsors, we do not know from year-to-year how much money is available. A three-person Scholarship Committee will be formed as a subcommittee of the Board of Directors of the LDStorymakers Guild to supervise the distribution of scholarships. It will consist of three active members of the Storymakers BOD.

This sub-committee will:

  1. Supervise the posting and review of the scholarship applications.
  2. Collect and circulate among themselves the applications to screen out those who are not qualified.
  3. Accept applications throughout the year.
  4. Meet at least two weeks prior to the opening of General Registration for the Conference to determine how many scholarships can be funded. (This means that any contributions received after this point-in-time will most likely be reserved for the following year; stated another way, the contribution period is a full year, starting and ending two weeks prior to the opening of Conference Registration, unless the BOD sees need to extend the time period through the end of that calendar year.)

Once the number of scholarships in each category is known, the committee will then choose the qualifying applicants as follows:

  • If there are enough scholarships available to meet the request of applicants then the committee will notify the applicants that they have been accepted and provide direction on how to register.
  • If there are more applicants in a category than available scholarships, the scholarships will be awarded through a random lottery.

Stewardship of Scholarship Funds

All contributions to the fund will be made by PayPal to our regular LDStorymakers account. The Secretary/Treasurer will account for the scholarship fund.

No funds will be given to scholarship recipients. Rather, they will be issued a voucher that can be applied against the cost of their registration.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the Scholarship Fund, but the direct awarding of the scholarships is the responsibility of the Scholarship Committee as indicated above.