Frequently Asked Questions


Where and when is the conference?

The 2017 LDStorymakers Conference will be May 11-13, 2017 at the Utah Valley Convention Center in Provo, Utah (next to the Provo Marriott).

Why Mother’s Day?

We promise we don’t set out to give you a special mother’s day treat (in many cases), or to make mother’s day tricky (in other cases). Trouble is, we are bound by the scheduling constraints of having the conference during a very busy time of year. We can’t hold the conference much sooner in the year or the Whitney readers wouldn’t be able to sleep from mid-February, when the finalists are announced, through the Whitney Awards. We’ve also done poll after poll, and June is off the table due to the majority of US elementary and secondary schools releasing. That leaves late April to Early May. We have to schedule around Easter, General Conference, BYU Women’s Conference, college graduations, and BEA (Book Expo America), which has floating dates. On top of all that juggling, the sooner we pick facility dates, the more likely we are to get a good rate for our conference center, which, in turn, keeps your costs down. We promise we give date selection careful consideration each year and do our very best to pick a weekend that gives you the best price and has the least amount of conflicts for all involved.

When can I register? 

Registration for the 2017 Conference opens on January, 23, 2017. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. 

How much does the conference cost?

Early bird registration (through Feb. 23, 2017):

  • 2-day Conference Package    $230
  • Friday Only Conference Package (including Keynote Address)    $125
  • Saturday Only Conference Package    $105

Regular registration prices (Feb. 24 – until sold out):

  • 2-day Conference Package     $260
  • Friday Only Conference Package     $140
  • Saturday Only Conference Package    $120

Is there a cap on registration?

Yes. We wish we could let everyone come, but we are constrained by the classroom sizes of our facility, as well as the manpower of committee members that plan and execute the conference. For the 2017 conference, registration is capped at 750 participants per day. We DO expect to sell out the conference. A waiting list will be available once registration is full.

Is there an age limit for conference attendees?

Registrants of the conference must be 16 years of age in order to participate. We encourage young writers to consider the following conferences: Teen Author Boot Camp, Tween Author Boot Camp, and The Teen Writer’s Conference, all held annually in Utah.

Can I bring my kids?

Babies that can be cared for quietly and without disruption to other attendees may attend with a parent. Other children are not welcome. We hope you understand. We love children. We are a committee full of mothers and fathers. But preserving the learning environment of our conference for all paying attendees is paramount. We appreciate your willingness to respect the experience of others by leaving your children at home.

Am I eligible for a discount?

If you are a presenter or a member of the LDStorymakers Author Guild, yes. Your discount will be emailed to you a week before registration opens IF you are current on your dues. If you register without using these codes, we cannot refund the difference. We are so sorry! Please check the LDStorymakers website for application/renewal information. You may wait until you have renewed your dues before you register, however, we do anticipate the conference selling out, so if you wait, wait cautiously.

Does the conference offer scholarships?

Yes! Please see the LDStorymakers website to apply either for yourself, or someone else. Application deadline for scholarships is January 10, 2017.

What happens if I need to cancel my registration?

We understand that sometimes plans change. If you register for the conference but are unable to attend, you may receive a refund of your registration, minus a 20% administration fee, through April 25th, when registration closes. After April 25th, your registration becomes nonrefundable. You may email us at if you need to request a cancellation. Please note that first chapter entries are non-refundable, per the guidelines on the first chapter page. Pitch sessions are also non-refundable.

What if I need to cancel my pitch session or manuscript consultation?

You may cancel if you no longer wish to attend, but unfortunately, pitch sessions and manuscript consultations are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Please contact Kaylee Baldwin at for specific questions regarding your pitch session or consultation.

Can I sign up for more than one pitch session?

Nope. Just one session, either regular pitch session or manuscript consultation per attendee. Be sure to read registration instructions very carefully.

How do I get on a waiting list for a pitch session, manuscript consultation, intensive class, or Thursday workshop?

For Pitch Sessions and Manuscript Consultations: Please contact Kaylee Baldwin ( with an explanation of which list you’d like to be on.

For Intensive Classes: If the intensive class you’d like to sign up for is full, please contact Melanie Jacobson ( with an explanation of which class you’d like to attend.

For Thursday Workshops: If the workshop you’d like to attend is full, please contact Jolene Perry at and let her know which workshop you’d like to attend.

What are the guidelines and due dates for the first chapter contest?

You can find all the information about the first chapter contest on the website HERE

Do I have to be LDS to attend?

Definitely not! Many conference attendees have faith in common, but our conference is not religious in nature. We pray over our meals. And many of us will cry if the keynote is particularly inspirational. But that’s it! If that won’t bother you, we’d love to have you!

What if I need a roommate?

The Storymakers Tribe has you covered. They’ll post links with roommate sign-ups, and once they do, we’ll post the link here.

What meals are provided?

Conference registration includes lunch and dinner on Friday, lunch on Saturday and one snack each day, including Thursday.

What if I have special dietary needs?

Limited options are available to meet special dietary needs. Sorry, but we cannot accommodate preferences.

What if I’ve never been to a conference before?

Then you’re coming to the perfect conference! We rarely bite!

How will I find my friends?

We recommend pasting your most recent Facebook or Twitter avatar to your forehead. Please do not use a stapler. We do not have an EMT on call.

Is it appropriate to bring donuts and chocolate to share with the conference committee?

Of course! You’ll recognize us by the COMMITTEE ribbons on our name badges.

Can’t wait to see you there!

It’s been one of the highlights of my career to have been involved with this conference from the very beginning. Without the slightest doubt, it’s the single biggest factor that led to my success, because of the things I learned, and the people I met.

- James Dashner