How COVID-19 Will Affect the Conference and What's Being Done

We are aware of the COVID-19 measures implemented around the country and that they impact the possibility of holding the Storymakers 2020 conference in May. We are monitoring all available sources of information from the local health department up to the WHO.

We are hoping for the best: that current social distancing restrictions will contain the virus so we can proceed as usual in May. But we are also planning for the worst quite literally with the more likely possibility of a virtual conference.

If we’re able to do the conference in its full capacity, we already have plans to limit germ transmission. We are working on this from every angle possible, and we appreciate your patience as we all hold our collective breath and wait to see if containment measures work. Right now we are working with both the UVCC and Marriott over our obligations and contracts with them. Federal, state, and local decisions regarding restrictions impact those obligations and, as a consequence, our decision. We are making plans for the possibility of a virtual conference, in line with remote instruction models being enacted by universities and schools across the country. You can expect to see emails in the coming weeks about how we can best serve you with a virtual model if we are forced to cancel.

At this time, we don’t have specifics, so please hold all questions about registration fees, etc. Just know that we will do right by you. If long distance traveling will make waiting for a final decision difficult, please contact conference@storymakersconference.com. We have also been made aware that many airlines are making special considerations right now for flight cancellations and transfers. We urge our attendees to contact airlines their airlines with for information regarding those possibilities as you make decisions about booking travel.

This situation changes by the day. Please keep in mind that committee members are also largely dealing with heavy personal impact of the situation along with time spent figuring out our conference options. We know we have an incredibly supportive community, and it helps us immensely. Again, thank you for your patience and understanding. There is not a kinder community of writers anywhere and we’re proud to be part of it.