2018 Conference Details Coming Fall 2017

Welcome to the Tribe

Storymakers Tribe (formerly Authors’ Incognito) is the year-round glue binding together author-presenters and attendees of LDStorymakers, Utah’s premier writing conference. It’s free and open to all writers whether or not they have attended the conference before. We provide support for and information on writing and the publishing world, strive to maintain a clean-cut moral standard in our group image, and give a family-feel to our members. Did we mention there are various luncheons, an annual retreat, and conference kick-off parties? We put the social back in social networking, giving you friendships and networking ties that put you inside the writing community. Please add your name to our FACEBOOK group, and we’ll get you in.


LDStorymakers Kickoff Parties

Thursday 8 pm Provo Marriott South Side

 There are two events and you can float between them all evening. All persons attending any day of the conference are welcome.

 The NeverEnding Story . . . Makers Party (Cedar Room at the Provo Marriott) If you’re looking for the rockingest party of the weekend, you’ve just found it. Dance crazy, sing loud, do the Roger Rabbit WHILE Red-Rovering. Business cards and nae-nae moves optional.

 Games and Get-to-Know-You’s (Birch Room at the Provo Marriott) Welcome to The NeverEnding Story . . . Game, full of get-to-know-you extravaganza! If you want laughs and a casual atmosphere, come hang. We’ll also have a photo booth, plus sundry parlor and board games.

Mix and Mingle Night

Friday 8:15 – 10 pm Utah Valley Conference Center

There are two events and you can float between them all evening. All persons attending any day of the conference are welcome.

Publishers Mingle (1st Floor Book Signing Room of UV Conference Center) Do you have one of those friends who attends social events with cool, industry people and then casually mentions how the editor from Covenant is a sweetheart? Become that person. The Publisher’s Mingle is a chance for conference attendees to informally “Speed-Date a Local Editor.” We’ll have editors from Covenant Books, Shadow Mountain, and more.

Storymakers Tribe Mix and Mingle (3rd Floor Lobby of UV Conference Center) LDStorymakers Conference is a blast of NeverEnding professional-development-information dispensed via firehose. Where, oh where are you going to meet with your friends and shoot the breeze? At the Storymakers Tribe Mingle! If you’d like, bring one or more books for the book swap. Any new or gently used book is welcome–especially one you wrote! Forgot your book? Come anyway. Please visit the Storymakers Tribe FACEBOOK page to get info about prize donations, which we need and appreciate. You read that right. Prizes! How can this party get cooler?


For questions or clarification, please contact Nikki Trionfo nikkitrionfo@gmail.com