Be a Digital Superstar


Are you eager to build a powerful online presence – your author platform – but don’t know where to start? Do you wonder which social media channels are best to build your author brand and grow your readership? The Digital Superstar workshop is the ultimate introduction for you as a writer to build, grow, and optimize your author platform effectively, using social media blended with digital marketing tactics. This workshop will be led by Lori Laurent Smith, a Global Digital Marketing Strategist who has deep experience delivering actionable digital solutions that result in measurable growth.

Workshop attendees will receive a comprehensive digital marketing and social media activities management tool (20-tab, auto-populated worksheet with pre-defined tasks). It will be used as a guide for the workshop to walk you through choosing which social media and marketing tactics will work best for you; give you ways to find, develop and manage your content distribution; and help you figure out platform-building activities to increase interest for book launches, local events and other promotions. Additionally participants will be given an easy-to-use social media editorial calendar to make it easier and faster to manage your author platform.

Attendees will use their laptops in the workshop to work alongside Lori in real time. A complete list and detailed prep instructions will be available before the workshop begins. You need to have read your instruction letter by March 15th. You must send requested materials to your mentor by April 12th.

The Digital Superstar Intensive Workshop will teach you the essentials of growing your author platform online. In order to optimize our time together during the live session, there is a little homework preparation that will benefit both of us. By April 12th, I would be grateful if you could send the following to me at:

1. Your current website or blog URL along with the genre you would like to focus on at the workshop. What are your top 3 frustrations with your site/blog? If you don’t have either, please set up a free blog at with at least 3 posts. And don’t worry – if you need help getting set up, email me by April 5th and I’ll help you out.

2. If you have it, please send your latest eNewsletter (or any online email you’ve sent to connect with your readers). You are welcome to subscribe me using the email above.

3. Please send the following links to the five social media accounts listed in the sidebar to the right. If you don’t have an account for one of those platforms, please set one up. If you need help setting up the account, email me by April 5th. We will focus on learning how to optimize these channels for your genre and building your author brand/platform for your next book launch as well as what to do every week afterwards. (It’s easy, I promise! You’ll receive a free tabbed-spreadsheet that has been exhaustively tested to help you spend less than an hour a day growing your author platform, once everything is set up).

4. If you have any site or social media analytics set up, please send me a pdf showing at least the last 3 months of activity. Or email me for help if you have it set up but don’t know how to share the data.
● Google Analytics for your site and/or blog (or whatever you use)
● Facebook Page Insights and Metrics
● Twitter Keyword Report and Metrics
● Instagram Insights

● Facebook Author Page: If you have a readers group set up or participate in FB writing groups, let me know which ones. If you
are planning to use your personal page, that’s ok, but I highly recommend setting up an Author page.

● Twitter (personal account is ok, but should be your author name).

● Pinterest (personal account is ok, but should be in your author name).

● LinkedIn – if you already have one set up as a professional in another area (eg. Nurse, Teacher, Lawyer), send that link.

● Goodreads

*Please note: if your genre is MG or YA, please also set up an Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube author account prior to the workshop.
Any other social media links that you leverage as an author (eg. Reddit, Medium,, Tumblr, WeChat, FB Messenger, Group Me,
Google+/hangouts, Skype, etc.). Don’t worry if you don’t have any of these – we will be covering this in the workshop.