Thursday Workshop Details

WHEN: 05/03/2018

COST: $35 per session

FOR HOW LONG: (Participants may sign up for one, or both sessions.)

Session 1: 12:00 PM – 2:45 PM
Session 2: 3:15 PM – 6:00 PM

WHAT: Each workshop will be held twice, once per session. Check the student:teacher ratio for each class, as they are different this year. Each workshop is set up to have multiple author mentors and a more “hands on” experience. Please check your class(es) for what materials you’ll need to bring.

First Pages Clinic

With a 3:1 student-teacher ratio, this fabulous workshop is one of our most popular. You will receive specific feedback on the first ten pages of your manuscript from an author mentor in a small group setting. Manuscript pages will also be shared, in advance, with the other members of your group. You will be expected to review the pages for each group member prior to attending the workshop as the entire group will discuss each person’s work.

Plot and Character Arcs


Is your plot flat, lifeless or stuck? Are your characters stagnant? With a 5:1 student-teacher ratio, this workshop will teach attendees how plot and character arc interweave to create the most compelling stories. Mentors will help participants identify where weaknesses in plot can be shored up by character arc and how plot can create a framework to support and enhance character growth. Prior to the conference, each attendee will receive a questionnaire and be asked to turn in a two-page synopsis so that discussion time can be used to its fullest.

Publishing Polish and Pitch

At a ratio of 5:1 students/mentor, this workshop is similar to last year’s awesome Publication Polish, but redesigned and expanded for 2018! If you have a manuscript you want to submit to agents, but aren’t sure if your submission skills are up to par, our highly skilled mentors will help you polish your materials to agent-wowing levels. And, new this year–you’ll have the opportunity to practice elevator pitches with your fellow attendees! (Please note that practicing elevator pitches is completely optional.)

Be a Digital Superstar: How to Develop a Successful Author Platform


Are you eager to build a powerful online presence – your author platform – but don’t know where to start? Do you wonder which social media channels are best to build your author brand and grow your readership? The Digital Superstar workshop is the ultimate introduction for you as a writer to build, grow, and optimize your author platform effectively, using social media blended with digital marketing tactics. This workshop will be led by Lori Laurent Smith, a Global Digital Marketing Strategist who has deep experience delivering actionable digital solutions that result in measurable growth.

Workshop attendees will receive a comprehensive digital marketing and social media activities management tool (20-tab, auto-populated worksheet with pre-defined tasks). It will be used as a guide for the workshop to walk you through choosing which social media and marketing tactics will work best for you; give you ways to find, develop and manage your content distribution; and help you figure out platform-building activities to increase interest for book launches, local events and other promotions. Additionally participants will be given an easy-to-use social media editorial calendar to make it easier and faster to manage your author platform.

Attendees will use their laptops in the workshop to work alongside Lori in real time. A complete list and detailed prep instructions will be available before the workshop begins.